The journal SPRING no. 25

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Louise Rosengreen Three poems

Jan Sonnergaard Point of view on my writing

Dasa Zidar In the footsteps of Sonnergaard's music through Europe

Jan Sonnergaard Two thousand thirty-two

Søren Rathje You have come from words

Søren Sørensen Traces of Petrarca in Nordic literature

Hardy Bach The romantic meeting in the Butterfly Valley
About poetry and philosophy in Inger Christensen's sonnet wreath

Cecilie Lolk Hjort Hesselholdt Jacobsen

Jacob Bøggild Kierkegaard and the imaginary

Dorte Hørlück Lundsager The parodic Peder Paars

Sidsel Sander Mittet A queer reading of Karen Blixen's The Old Knight Wandering

Hans-Erik Larsen Four poems