The journal SPRING no. 23

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Jens Smærup Sørensen - Outside of authorship

Erik Stinus - Entering the world

Kirsten Thisted - Colonist in sheep's clothing

Jacob Bøggild - On the field of pain "Grief-Agre" in an intertextual field

René Rasmussen - Peter Høeg and the fantastic

Renate Recke - Psychology of language in poetry
Central linguistic psychological positions in two poems by Pia Tafdrup

Pia Tafdrup - Argentina, the rose that refuses to wither

Nikolaj Rønhede - Work sites and systems

Marie Louise Gammelgaard - Arabesque poem multiplication about Morten Søndergaard's "Kompas" and the relationship with JPJacobsen's Michelangelo arabesque

Beth Junker - Ingeborg Stuckenberg, a muse

Steffen Hejlskov Larsen - "Sign" in Paul la Cours Between bark and wood

Lars Saabye Christensen - A prosaic presentation (in a Nordic perspective)