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Still in Play

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The paintings of Torben Ulrich
Release May 10th. Preorder possible.
Still in Play is the very first survey of the unique visual work by the Danish-born,
U.S.-based multidisciplinary artist and ballplaying legend Torben Ulrich (1928-
2023), presenting more than 120 images of his rice-paper paintings and prints.
Altogether a marvelous body of work, the result of a distinctive artistic practice
rooted in the physical experiences on various athletic courts from the late 1940s
and onwards, and shaped by a lifelong interest in philosophy, poetry, music and
spiritual matters. Along with three new essays, including one by Torben Ulrich.
Body and being, movement and traces. Traces left by ball, play, game – and by life
itself. A thoroughly playful and vibrant artistic oeuvre, which illustrates that Ulrich’s
thoughts and processes are, indeed, still in play.

Edited by Lars Movin. With essays by Torben Ulrich, Jens Tang Kristensen and Lars Movin.