The mailbox that blushed

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About quality in private letters - then and now

The mailbox that blushed is about quality in private letters. Whoever wants to write a good letter to a friend must give something of himself and at the same time be able to put himself in the friend's place. Since the letter must be written in language, the letter writer must have the word in his power. But you don't have to be a great writer to write good letters. Some say: – on the contrary, you shouldn't be too self-conscious. Honest letter writing requires a certain innocence? It is a fact that we find magnificent private letters written by an art historian (Julius Lange), two theologians (Otto Møller and Thomas Skat Rørdam), a pharmacist (August Fridolin Bauer), an agricultural economist (Christian Olufsen), a jurist (PV Jacobsen ) and a painter (Anna Ancher). Letter examiner, dr.phil. John Chr. Jørgensen, points to the qualities of letters by a number of non-professional writers and discusses what is needed for one to be able to talk about letter art of interest to others than the recipient of the letter.

In special, illustrated sections, the letter is treated as a motif in paintings, satirical drawings and jokes. The book also offers completely new letter material: John Chr. Jørgensen unveils his correspondence from the 34 years when he reviewed and edited books in Politiken and Ekstra Bladet. He was scolded for being arrogant, flabby, a masturbator and "the very social democratic luxury liver paste". However, he also received more friendly greetings: "I like you! You are a darling!”