Lyrical lines

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Five trends in recent literature

Lyrical lines focus on five poetic trends and works by 40 Danish and foreign poets.

"Danish identity" discusses national sentiment and xenophobia from Klaus Rifbjerg's culturally radical satires to Eva Tind's autofiction about racism and stigmatization.

"The ecocriticism" treats the relationship between man and nature from Pia Tafdrup's holistic visions to Tor Ulven's nihilistic world view.

"The apocalyptic" thematizes the downfall of civilization from Georg Trakl's expressionist feverish visions to Ursula Andkjær Olsen's polyphonies about anxiety and isolation.

"The long forms" examines long poems from Paal Brekke's poetic sequences to UKON's serial lyrics.

"The conceptual" reflects on readymades, montages, the metafictional and the socio-political in conceptual works from Vanessa Place to Pejk Malinovski.

Lyrical lines reveal new and eye-opening connections between poetic works, authorships, generations, nationalities, themes and traditions.