The sky mirror

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Himmelspeillet - Lille syns-lære is an exercise book in the art of seeing. To learn what you already know, but have rarely acquired: to see yourself see.
It is a visual lesson in the same way that hearing is a basic discipline in the education of musicians, and color theory in that of visual artists. It is strange that there does not exist a corresponding theory of vision, because the eye's abilities and ways of observation are almost innumerable. Visual artists and poets are especially trained observers of vision. The book's examples are mainly taken from them.

Himmelspeillet - Lille syns-lere contains, in addition to a larger sketch for a theory of vision, 22 exercises in the art of observation, which are a series of small and somewhat larger studies in the registers of vision and something that could be called the history of vision or attention. The eyes are probably the body's greatest virtuosos, lightning fast and self-willed. Almost impossible to raise. A man's being sits in sight, whose registers are incomprehensibly rich. Today's civilization can often – also in problematic ways – be a violent visual culture.