A world of difference

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The politics of aesthetics

Art and literature live by taking part in our common reality and common difficulties. But what and where is the shared reality today?

A world of differences is a book about two writers and two artists who comment on our common fate in a globalized world, but also the bloody conflicts between the nations that raise the question of our relationship with each other and the other.

Sofi Oksanen writes about the occupation of Estonia, which undermines trust between the occupied and not least destroys the women. Trine Søndergaard takes pictures of the Danish landscape and Danish women, but the landscape may be built on rubbish, the women are prostitutes or wrapped in scarves, and how can that be particularly Danish? Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen photographs, sings, performs in a borderland between several cultures, an experience she shares with Sofi Oksanen, while Kirsten Thorup talks about a world where the global economy erases borders and human identity, while at the same time living with and from monstrous differences between Danish and African reality.

A world of differences discusses political engagement in art and literature and questions the possibility of art and literature to create new communities through stories and images that can convey the experiences of others and supplement our private biography.