The large scale

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Poems and fantasies

The main theme of Den store skala is standing on the threshold of the last 3rd part of life, getting older itself, which gives birth to a series of symbol-laden images of memory and future and existential reflections on origins, childhood, youth, family and travels, but without that it is seen as an end, rather a productive clue further in life – towards the inevitable.

The poems are at the same time a web of times with references to international art, culture and history, just as a series of fantasies lift the collection of poems beyond stark realism.

Wipe the board clean
Grab the root of the light
Put a full stop
A seed in the earth's ear

Jørgen Haarder (b. 1958) debuted in 1989 with the poetry collection For alt i verden. He has also published poems, travel articles and essays in e.g. Hvedekorn, Sidegaden, political revue, Politiken, Weekendavisen and Information. In 2016, he published Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, modern retellings of 14 fairy tales.