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Modest meanings

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An interpretation key to Peter Seeberg's fictional writing
Releases 23 April 2021. Can be pre-ordered.

Peter Seeberg (1925-1999) is one of the most original and innovative Danish writers of the 20th century. His texts have been read throughout the ages, and many of his works can be found on most people's bookshelves.

Modest Meanings is an interpretive key that is addressed to anyone who would like to have an insight into the deeper layers of Seeberg's entire, fictional writing.
With the inclusion of his philosophical sources of inspiration - especially Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein - the reader is introduced both to the connections that exist between aesthetics and ethics in his works, and the ways in which he gets to write his own minimalist form of counter-narratives.

Modest meanings form a companion that opens up Seeberg's texts and expands the understanding of them, so that the reader feels like going on a discovery in the authorship, which, if anything else in Danish literature, seeks to extract a lasting meaning from the meaningless.