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Spirit is the second time

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Søren Kierkegaard is best known as a thinker, philosopher. But he himself saw himself first and foremost as a writer in the service of Christianity. While his pseudonymous works - including the immediately aesthetically oriented ones, such as Either-Or - are today the most known and read, Kierkegaard himself considered his edifying writings to be the most important in his writing.

Spirit is the second time is about this part of Kierkegaard's writing. The central argument is that the edifying writings express an equally indirect form of communication as the pseudonymous and aesthetically oriented works - and that this is due to Kierkegaard's perception of the nature of human language. For Kierkegaard, the nature of this language simply does not allow a direct and immediate communication when it comes to existential matters. The argument is carried through readings of Kierkegaard's edifying speeches, his Christian speeches, Kjerlighens Gjerninger and a number of his smaller religious writings, including his last edifying writing, God's Immutability.