Cli-fi Anno 2019

SPRING invites together with
The Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Cooperation
for a seminar on the status and impact of climate literature

Thursday 9 May 2019 at Lysebu in Oslo

We invite you to a full-day seminar on climate literature and the status and role of climate literature. On the poster are Danish and Norwegian writers, researchers and activists.

The climate crisis is one of the biggest problems facing the world right now. This raises a number of questions of an ethical, political and ideological nature, which have also found their way into parts of the literature. Within literary criticism, all this has consequences for how one reads literature. With the seminar, we will try to approach some of the issues through a series of presentations from writers, writers and cultural analysts. What can literature potentially do? And can you even demand anything from it?

The seminar is open to everyone and costs NOK 290 (including a three-course lunch at Lysebus restaurant, coffee, tea, fruit and baked goods).

Too Good To Go will provide surplus baked goods, and after the seminar there will be an opportunity to eat a climate-friendly dinner and listen to a concert with the singer Marte Wulff.

The seminar is followed by a book on climate literature (edited by Marianne Barlyng), which contains articles etc. on the basis of the seminar and which will also be supplemented with more posts!

Read much more about the seminar, see the entire program
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