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Expressionism is a monograph about an exciting, but also strangely unwritten chapter in Danish literary and art history, the hectic years around 1920, when European modernism came to Denmark.
Expressionism became famous and notorious for its provocative slogans and colorful happenings, but also left behind a rich production of artistic expressions, from Harald Giersing's football and ballet pictures and Vilhelm Lundstrøm's collages and giant women to Tom Kristensen's freebooter poems, Storm P's drunken monologues and Jens August Schade's erotic lyric. At the same time, it is the period when a certain PH begins his career as an informant, art and culture critic.
On a new, interdisciplinary basis, the book provides the first comprehensive presentation of the many facets and significance of the aesthetic newlywed in modern Danish tradition.

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