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On occasion - Grundtvig and the genres

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By occasion. Grundtvig and the genres unite modern genre research with modern Grundtvig research. The book thus provides a new and original picture of Grundtvig, showing him as a writer with a much broader register of means and genres than is normally attributed to him. Grundtvig is not just a literary rhinoceros, but also a rhetorically sharp communicator who, for each of his genres, has a clear awareness of the situation he is writing in and the audience he is writing for. The book sheds light on some of Grundtvig's well-known genres, but also highlights a number of lesser-known genres, e.g. the royal poem, the rhyming letter and the introductory poem, and shows how they are important keys to understanding his overall writing.

The author circle behind Ved occasion. Grundtvig and the genres are a number of younger professional talents led by a senior researcher. Each member of the author group has been responsible for one chapter on one of Grundtvig's genres, and in addition the book contains two introductory chapters with a short, educational presentation of the modern genre theory and an introduction to Grundtvig's use of genre in a broader sense.

The book is real cutting-edge research, but it is written in clear and accessible language that makes reading lively and does not make the subject more difficult than it needs to be.

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