The author relay

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The idea for this discussion group about Danish literature was a big question: What happens to Danish literature after the breakthrough of social media and the digitization of society? The author relay answers this question with the authors' own words, their own accounts and assessments.

The author's relay is 'a monster conversation' about literature in Denmark today: a discussion group that took 9 months to record and write through, but which draws lines back decades in Danish poetry and at the same time gives an indication of where Danish literature is heading into the coming years.

The author baton is living literary history written by the authors themselves. In a collective process, 13 'heavy' and 'young' Danish authors have written the first collective work that describes Danish literature in the 21st century from the artists' own point of view.

The 13 authors are: Thomas Boberg, Mathilde Walter Clark, Adda Djørup, Signe Gjessing, Helle Helle, Peter Høeg, Pia Juul, Madame Nielsen, Leonora Christina Skov, Kristina Stoltz, Jens Smærup Sørensen, Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Christel Wiinblad.

"Rolf Højmark (meets) the individual author on the person's own terms and can therefore overall deliver a string of very different but individually captivating conversations" ★★★★★ Svend Skriver, Kristeligt Dagblad.