Cell nuclei and human hearts

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Five young people are put together in a secret laboratory to investigate nature, themselves and each other.

The laboratory is full of love, puzzles and hidden passages.

Is the universe pixelated? Can you build a sun? What is a time crystal? And is there a connection between the forces of the universe and the inner life of man?

Every day is spent trying to get ahead.

Selected reviews


"In particular, an original debut collection"

"it's impressively written rhyming poems and with a rhythm that lasts all the way through"

"Extremely interesting, well-composed sentences in many places, which grab a word nerd like me"

the book life

"Has been captivated by several of the poems and has found the rhythm and enjoyed the beautiful words, rhymes and beautiful sentences!"

"Read the poetry collection if you want to challenge your ordinary reading experiences. This one is demanding, beautiful, rhythmic and impressive! ... and definitely not ordinary"

The book market, 4/6 sprouts

"It's exciting reading, and that alone makes the pages turn themselves, a genuine page turner"
Niklas Ilsted Smith was born in 1988. Cell nuclei and human hearts is his debut as a fiction writer.

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