The seasons in verse

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in Danish poems, songs and hymns
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We sing the seasons. Poets and singers put words in our mouths, and with the words we become aware of what we sense. The seasons in verse show what the words say and do.

We use the seasons as images of states of mind and can see spring as a symbol of our jubilant joy and excess and autumn as an expression of our melancholy and grief over the transience of life. The seasons in verse show the diversity and uniformity in the many expressions and interpretations found in old and new poems, songs and hymns.

Although the seasons are not what they used to be, they still come and go and form an unavoidable basic rhythm in our lives. It is not only the climate crisis that changes the course of the year, but also our interpretations and experiences. Christian interpretations stand side by side with a natural scientific understanding.

And the role of the seasons is very different, depending on whether they are experienced in the countryside or in the big city. The seasons in verse describe the diverse interpretations and put them in historical and current perspective.

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